Kenmore Essential Kenmore Commuting Tips: Seaplanes, Buses, Bikes, Cars, & More! Nestled along the northern shores of Lake Washington and in between Bothell, Brier, and Lake Forest Park, the city of Kenmore is in a central location. Whether you need to head north to Everett or south toward Bellevue or Seattle, several commuting options await at your fingertips! With the help of local Jen Richardson-Bowman, I’ve put […]
Kenmore Coming Soon to Kenmore: What You Can Expect in Kenmore’s Near Future While Kenmore already offers a long list of excellent city amenities and a variety of housing options, there is always something new happening in the neighborhood. I wanted to take a moment to highlight 3 things you might especially be interested if you’re thinking about moving to Kenmore, and I talked to a couple of […]
Kenmore Your Guide to Enjoying the Lake Washington Waterfront in Kenmore Though the warm weather is still a ways away, that doesn’t mean you can’t start thinking about summertime adventures. I asked locals for some tips on enjoying the Lake Washington waterfront and they gave us their top insights. Here is your guide to enjoying the Lake Washington waterfront in Kenmore (as recommended by locals):   […]
Kenmore 4 Fun Family-Friendly Weekend Activities in Kenmore If you live in Kenmore, I have your inside scoop on some of the best weekend activities in the area that everyone will love! Here’s a look at 4 fun family-friendly weekend activities in Kenmore, as recommended by locals: SAINT EDWARD STATE PARK When it comes to family-friendly fun in Kenmore, one of the first […]
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